Healing the Whole Self:

Treating Dissociation in Harmony with EMDR Therapy Master Class 

The master class material is currently divided into a Part I and II format. It is recommended that attendees also obtain case consultation between Parts I and II in order to further apply what is learned in the masterclass program.

Whether a seasoned EMDR therapist, or one who is recently trained, we all know that clients with complex developmental trauma disorders don’t necessarily “fit the mold.” Perhaps we find ourselves feeling “stuck” with these challenging cases, wondering why the EMDR Standard Protocol isn’t “working,” baffled by why a client destabilizes, and needing extra clinical support. It is not that the EMDR standard protocol doesn’t “work,” it is actually that with complex trauma, there is a dissociative process in place that must be treated, first. 


Clinicians will experience themselves as being “held” via the structure of the curriculum. As a result, clinicians can further conceptualize their clinical cases, integrate and apply what is learned through the lens of Structural Dissociation Theory and EMDR therapy, and deepen their understanding of structural dissociation in a supportive community of shared learning.





PART 1: Healing the Whole Self (Two Live Online Events)

Must attend both events, live. No partial credits


This event does SELL OUT.

Early registration Is Strongly Recommended. 

(7 EMDRIA Credits For EMDRIA Approved EMDR Therapists) 

This live online workshop will provide attendees with an introduction to the treatment of complex developmental trauma and dissociation. A highly interactive and engaging training, participants will learn via live demonstrations, case studies, videos, interactive activities, and didactic discussion. Attendees will be provided and introduction to structural dissociation theory as well as specific "how-to" methods for addressing complex trauma.


Part 2: Healing the Whole Self (Live Online Practicum Based Event)


8:45 AM-5 PM (Phoenix, Arizona Time) Both Days

(13 EMDRIA Credits For EMDRIA Approved EMDR Therapists) 

Only 9 Spaces.



$445 On or Before Registration Deadline and $465 ON/AFTER NOVEMBER 15TH, 2021.


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Topics covered will include, but are not limited to: dissociation and the therapeutic relationship, identifying dissociative phobias, mindful language when working with dissociative "parts,"  the contribution of therapists' cognitive errors on clinical impasses, the significance of "getting caught in trance logic," as well as additional lecture material, didactic discussions, and experiential activities, including extensive Fraser's Dissociative Table/Meeting Place practicums that build on what was explained in the Healing the Whole Self Part 1.​ 

Intended Audience : Psychologists, Counselors, Social Workers Skill level – Intermediate to Advanced


This two day practicum provides EMDR therapists with the opportunity to now increase their confidence and skills in working with Structural Dissociation Theory and apply what has been taught in HWS Part 1, including the application of Fraser’s Dissociative Table /Meeting Place as it relates to EMDR Therapy and working with complex trauma.  The goal is to facilitate the demonstration and practice of the advanced stabilization techniques as provided in the course. 

Note: Healing the Whole Self Part I (either completed online or in person) is a pre-requisite to attend this course. Those who have already attended the Part 1 HWS Workshop do not have to retake it, unless they want to complete this as a refresher, without CE's, and at a discounted rate.


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